Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Part 4 of 5 on Self-Sabotage - Energy Tools

4. Use Energy Tools. OK, we have become aware of our self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, we have ceased to resist or judge them when we observe them and we have started journaling the patterns we see happening. The next step is to search out energy tools that will help us to clear those patterns and be able to change our thoughts and beliefs to be conscious and constructive – creating what we really desire in our lives.

You can find energy tools by researching them online, by reading books on the subject or by hiring a coach that uses energy tools with their clients (something I do and have great success with). Do your research and find tools that have been proven effective in the lives of people you know.

Energy tools usually include a combination of meditations, visualization and affirmations which have been designed to by-pass the conscious mind and reach the sub-conscious mind. This is very important because most of the sabotage we engage in is done unconsciously due to emotions and vibrations that reside in the sub-conscious mind. This has been scientifically proven and much research has been done on this truth, especially in the fields of sports, wealth creation, health, happiness and peace. Finding these tools and using them consistently can and will result in your ability to change undesired behavior and self-sabotage so that you can create and keep the health, wealth, happiness, relationships and peace that you desire.

To be Continued…

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