Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 Secret Vibes to Losing Weight & Sustaining Health

5 Secret Vibes to Losing Weight and Sustaining Health

Everything is energy – everything vibrates. When you want to reach your ideal weight, you need to remember this fact. I have found five secret vibrations to work with in loosing weight and sustaining my ideal weight and I’d like to share them with you:

1. Thought Vibes: The vibrations of your thoughts play a big part in your ability to lose weight and sustain your ideal weight. To get your thought vibrations working for you in your weight goals, focus your thoughts on BEING your perfect weight.

Don’t focus on how much weight you need to lose or how much you are over-weight; focus on BEING your perfect weight. What you focus your thought on is what will increase, so thoughts of “I’m fat, I need to lose weight will bring you more of being fat and needing to lose weight! Instead, focus your thoughts on being your ideal weight so you will get more of being your ideal weight.

2. Feeling Vibes: Your feelings have vibrational levels. Happy and confident feelings have high vibrations while feelings of shame and worry are very low vibrationally.

Focus on FEELING happy and confident because you are your ideal weight. Feel how it feels to run, wear your clothes or walk into a room at your ideal weight.

Feelings are very important because they are our emotions, and EMOTION TRUMPS EVERYTHING! If you are trying to think your perfect weight but look
in the mirror and feel fat, then you will stay fat because EMOTION TRUMPS EVERYTHING!

3. Word Vibes: Your words create your reality. Watch your I Am statements. If you
go around saying “I am too fat,” or “I hate how I look in these pants,” then you are literally creating more of “I am too fat” and hating how you look in those pants.

Speak as if you were your ideal weight. How would you speak of yourself? How would you speak of others? Try “I am so grateful and happy to look so fantastic!” See how that feels?

Also, speaking kindly of others lifts your vibration and creates health. Speaking
loving and kind thoughts creates health and well-being in spirit and body.

4. Action Vibes: How do you act when you are your ideal weight? How do you move
your body – how do you exercise? What activities do you engage in at your ideal weight that you wouldn’t do right now?

Some wonderful, high vibrations actions you can engage in to support your body are
Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga.

You can think about being your ideal weight and feel it, but without taking action, things will not progress. This concept was left out of the movie, The Secret. The Law
of Attraction works on thought, word and ACTION, so don’t leave this important part of the equation out.

Act as if you are your ideal weight. Think as if you are your ideal weight. Feel as if you are your ideal weight. In fact – You are your ideal weight – you just need to let all the excess fall away so that the REAL YOU can stand in its truth again.

5. Food Vibes: Everything vibrates, including food. To sustain your ideal weight you need to sustain its high vibration. That means nourishing your body with high vibrating foods which include fresh organic (if possible) vegetables, fruits, grains, meats (if you eat it), nuts and legumes. You also need to drink plenty of pure water.

We live in a vibrational world, so to THRIVE you need to sustain your weight and energy on a Thriving Vibrational Level – which is high. Support yourself with high vibrational thoughts, words, feelings actions and foods and you will be amazed at how fabulous each day unfolds for you.


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